Group Crtique

This morning, I had to go to student registration, and sort out the booking for my Amsterdam trip. Apparently, I accidentally  booked for the photography trip to Amsterdam instead of the Fine art one, so I had to get a refund and try to book the fine art trip again. That was a pain.

I went back to the studio, and continued my paintings. I continued to use food packaging as the base for my paintings.

I wanted to do more painting, but I had to go to another group critique. We each had to bring in another piece of finished work, and talk about it. I  brought my performance film and showed the group. They were very impressed. Afterwards, we each had to come up with 3 or more questions to ask certain members of the group. We discussed what we could have done differently, what we want to do next, how we could use alternative materials and methods, and what influenced our work. When asked about my own work, I talked about how it reflected my own insecurities and why I wanted to do Performance for my studio practice. Andrea, who was overseeing the discussion, liked my work, and suggested I look at shadow performances and how shadow is used in performance films. She made this suggestion after a member of the group asked how I felt about my shadow in the video.

Angus suggested I should continue my performance work, as he and everyone else were greatly impressed with my work.

Later on, I went back to the studio and continued to paint.


My paintings are developing very well.




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