Feminism and paint

I continued my paintings today, using a leaflet and a performance review card from Leon’s as canvases.

So far, my new series of paintings are coming along very well. Soon, I will move on to cereal boxes and one of my walls.

I also painted an image of a video nasty DVD cover.


This was inspired by an art video downstairs, which relates to sex.

For critical theory, we talked about the nature of sexism, and it’s place in pop culture. In the article we read, a women was pushing sexism as a consumer’s product, something to be bought and sold. This goes against what feminism is, which led to a lengthy discussion. While I am not a feminist, I support more female involvement in today’s culture, especially in movies and superhero shows.

I brought up how I am sick and tired of women as love interest in shows like The Flash, as it is a waste of potential. We also talked about strong female leads, like Maggie from Fargo and the Bride from Kill Bill.

We were given another article on feminism, this time on the depiction of females in film and TV. We have to read through it, and highlight any key points. I also collected more images for my comedy collage, but I haven’t printed it out yet.

I also talked about Frank Auerbach, and the reason behind his paintings with Kate, who suggested I look into his reasoning. I might just do that.




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