Group Discussion

Today was not a good day for me. I just felt so drained. Paul’s words still echoing in my mind, and I don’t know whether I want to continue or not.

First, I had another meeting with my group and we discussed what to do about our presentation tomorrow. I was asked to collect images of all the artists we looked at, and compile them in a power-point document. Afterwards, I asked Kate to print out a word document featuring images and pictures I wanted to use to make photo-montages in my studio. Once I got back to my studio, I started to make my montages, thought it was slightly difficult, since my scissors keep getting caught on the double-sided sticky tape. After lunch, I continued to work on my montages, and began work on a collage, made from receipts I have collected over the months.


I would have continued, but I had to go to the down stairs studio and take part in a group disunion. I had to talk about one, completed piece of work, including why I did it, my inspiration behind it, why I chose to use certain materials and what I could do to present it. I also had to listen to others talk about their finished pieces, and take notes.

Once we were done talking, we took a break and had to think of at-least two questions to ask one or two members of the group. The questions we asked each other included what we could have done differently, what made us chose a certain material or method and what we could do next time.

I had to record the rest of the discussion on my recorder, and I plan on listening to it later.

Mondays are never good, but at least I managed to make some new artwork for the new year.






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