Handing in Essay and Artificial Hell

I finally handed in my essay today, and now I just need to wait for a response from Tom. I also had a talk with Paul about the results from my studio practice. It was good, but Paul says I need to expand on the contexts behind my paintings, as it is directionless. I did not like the way he said this, as I thought the intent behind my paintings were clear enough. But, he insists  I further develop my research and apply it more to my work. I need to consider the subject of my work more thoroughly, and only by doing this will my research flow more smoothly.

He suggested I look at some artists and do research on them. I made a start today, and started research on Jim Shaw and Margaret Keane.

I didn’t do any studio work today, but I did have another crit session with Tom (ugh). He talked about Artificial Hell, a concept about a product “not” being a product unless used. He showed us examples of artists who create interactive galleries and exhibitions, such as Rikrit Tiravanija making curry and giving it away for free and Felix Gonzales and his pile of sweets.

I will learn more about this Artificial Hell project in the coming weeks.

Overall, this day was pain, and makes me question why I am even doing fine art if I don’t even enjoy it. And that is “not” awesome, so please don’t rate it as such.


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