London art galleries (2017)

Another year, another London art gallery visit. Today, I went to at 5 or 6 galleries. Just like last year, I had to visit these galleries and see if any of the artwork will influence my studio work. The best gallery I went to was the Photographers’ Gallery, which was holding an exhibition of avant-garde Feminist artwork and photography. This was a great showcase for many female artists, who all too often get overlooked by the art community. I highly recommend you go now, and see the current feminist avant-garde exhibition, which is on until January 29th.

Another great art gallery I went to was the White Cube, which was hosting the latest exhibition by Anselm Kiefer. Title “Walhalla”, Kiefer’s current exhibition is a series of paintings, sculptures, and installations that are connected to Norse mythology. My favorites are the paintings, which depict buildings destroyed and eroding. It is Anselm’s depiction of Ragnarök, the Norse’s equivalent of the wend of days. I like how the buildings look empty and desolate, and the landscape is barren, with no signs of life. It is truly horrifying.

All of the galleries I visited were great, especially the last one, ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts). The current exhibition, Bloomberg New Contemporaries, is an exhibition of new art work from young art graduates, who have each use a variety of mediums (paint, digital arts, photography and video) and techniques to produce new contemporary art that relates to several relevant topics int he world, such as gender, equality and cultural differences.

The walking was a pain, but it was worth it.


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