First day back

My First day back, and it was miserable. First, we had a meeting in the down stairs studio, where Andrea (one of our course leaders) informed us about our next London exhibition. It will be held in March, between the 6th and the 12th. Until then, we have to plan ahead and find a venue. We also need to decide on the theme of our show, look at examples of other exhibitions and star developing artwork that will be displayed in the show.

We also got a list of the art galleries we will go and see on Tuesday. One of the galleries is about Feminist Photography, which I am very interest in seeing.

I couldn’t think of anything else to do, aside from paint on my wall, which got boring very quickly.


During lunch, I had a meeting in the downstairs studio with my group, and we talked about possible venues and themes. I suggested the sins, but everyone agreed to choose a theme we could all work with. In the mean time, we will look up possible venues in London, and one of us will write a proposal and send it to us, so we can look it over and send it to one of our possible venues.

First day back in Uni, and not much happen. Hopefully, the London trip tomorrow will be better.



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