Highlights of 2016

Trip to Berlin:

First highlight of 2016, and by far the most memorable. As part of my year 1 fine art course, I went to Berlin with my art group, and walked around the capital of Germany. I saw the remains of the Berlin Wall, went inside a cathedral that was bombed during the second World War, and visited several art galleries, including one displaying the paintings of Jackson Pollock. I even bought two art books (one about collage and another about Pollock’s paintings). It was an amazing trip, and I hope to return to Berlin one day (when it’s nice and warm).

London Comic con:

This year’s comic con was very special, as I got to attend two live Q & A’s. The first was with a group of well-known wrestlers, including, Gail Kim and Hardcore Holly. Colt Cabana (former Tag-Team partner of CM punk and a staple of Indy wrestling) was the host. The second Q & A I went to was focused on the cast of the Power Rangers Franchise. The Rangers that were in attendance included Jason David Frank (Tommy) and Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam, Ichigo and Vash). I got to ask questions at both sessions, and I was so thrilled when they answered them. I tried to get an autograph from Keith David, one of my favorite actors, but he wasn’t there, which was disappointing. Still, at least I took loads of pictures. Both Q & A sessions were fun, the atmosphere was exciting and I bought two DVDs (American Splendor and A Space Odyssey), 3 trades (Spider-man trades), two comics (Wally West Flash) and one graphic Novel (Paul Dini: A True Batman Story), which was my best purchase. There were loads of comics at the event, including a few Avengers comics I wanted to buy, but I choose not to. Next time, I will make up for this. Overall, it was a great event.

Working in an Art Gallery in Summer Town:

As part of my fine art course, I had to find volunteer work in a local art gallery, and work there during the summer. After weeks of searching, I found one art gallery that was more than happy to take me on. It was the Sarah Wiseman art galley in Summer-Town, and she the curator, Sarah Wiseman, asked me to come and work for her for one day. It was a great learning experience, as I had to help set up the next exhibition. I had to take down art from the previous exhibition, rearrange several sculptures, hang up the art for the new exhibition and display it in a professional manner. It was harder than I thought, as I had to arrange all of the artwork in a certain way, making sure nothing looked crooked or misplaced. Fortunately, Ms. Wiseman was very patient with me and we both managed to finish all the hanging by the end of the day. When I have to set up my own exhibition, the experience I gained from working with Sarah Wiseman will prove very useful.

Starting year 2 fine art:

This year, I enter the second year of my fine art course. The work began to get harder and harder, and at some points, I felt like giving up. But, I kept going, because I knew if I kept working hard, I will be a great artist, like Frank Auerbach and Peter Blake. I just need my imagination, clear goals and loads of Ambition.

Art gallery visits:

As part of my fine art course, I had to go and visit several art galleries and see if I could find a piece of art, or an artist who would be an influence on my work I saw. Most of the galleries I visited this year were in London, which mean I needed to get the train from Farnham to London. Trying to find certain galleries was a nightmare, as London is a huge place and everyone is on a hurry. I did managed to find some of these galleries in the end, so the trips were worth it. I even visited art galleries in Woking and Oxford, which proved to be very beneficial for my artwork.

Wrestling show:

I’ve been a huge wrestling fan for years, but only now just gotten back into it full-time. With the end of term coming up, I decided to treat myself and attend a wrestling show in London. Along with my Dad and Big sister, I went to a Revolution Pro wrestling show in November, where several big names from Japan and the UK competed in the ring. The stars on the card Included Jushin Thunder liger, Pete Dunne, Marty Scrull, Zack Sabre Jr, Chris Hero and my favorite wrestler, Tomohiro Ishii. The best match of the night was Tomo vs Chris Hero.It was a fantastic match, with good pacing, strong elbow strikes from both men and a show of respect after the match. I hope to go to another wrestling show next year, perhaps ROH or Progress wrestling.


This year, I decided to join a local boxing club in Farnham. I want to put some muscle on my bones, and I have always had an interest in Boxing, especially this year, after the death of Ali. The boxing club is far from the university (just like every other place I want to go to), and I had to walk through the freezing weather to get their, but it was worth it. First, we usually start off we exercises, including sit-ups and push ups. Afterwards, we punch the bags for an hour or so, and sometimes punch pads held by the other students. The boxing I don’t mind too much, it’s the exercises I can’t stand. We even have to do exercises after boxing, which is murder on your body. After my first session, I was in pain. Still, it is a good way to get in shape and build some muscle, and I look forward to going back next year.


The biggest surprise I got this year was my Scholarship for Fine Art, which I received in the post. I got it for all the work I did during year 1, and it fueled my desire to finish all of my year 2 work, and continue to work on the fine art course. I am so proud of myself.

Anime club:

I’ve been looking to join a club/society at University for some time, and I eventually joined the anime club late this year. WE mostly just sit around watching anime, or planning trips to conventions. Next year, we hope to go to an anime convention in London during the summer, if we can. I’ve wanted to get back into anime for a long time now, and it is nice to hang out with people who share my interests. I look forward to going back next year.

Christmas with Family:

My favorite thing about Christmas is the fact I get to go home, and spend time with the family. My family is very important to me, especially after this year. I wanted to enjoy the holidays with them as much as possible, before I go back to Uni. We had a great Christmas,with roast dinners, watching each other open presents and the usual stuff one does doing the Christmas Break.

I got two transformers trades (IDW transformers is the best, and I will post a review of the first 3 volumes next year), and Leon: the Professional, one of my favorite films.

Overall, 2016 was full of highs, but also lows. Here hoping next year is just as good, if not better.

Happy New Year!





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