Exhibition 2

For my final day at university, my group and I held our final exhibition at the united reform church. Just like in the park, we asked members of the public if they like to participate in our interactive exhibition, only this one was slightly different. Using a twister spin board, we stuck pictures of seven pieces of artwork from the seven artists we each looked at and had a member of the public spin the wheel. Whatever image the wheel lands on, one of us must talk about the work of the artist who made the artwork in the picture, and then the person can stick the image onto out kitchen pictures.


We held our exhibition during lunch time at the united reform church, where loads of people gathered together for lunch. Just like last time, we asked members of the community if they like to take part in our event. Some said yes, while others declined.


It was a great day, as people from Farnham came and took part in our exhibition.

No one asked about the Polaroid, which is disappointing since I did research on Wendy Ewald, but we did got to use the Polaroids for ourselves, so at least it didn’t go to waste.

Overall, the exhibition went very well, and now all I have to do is write-up my 1500 word essay on the exhibition practice.

I also checked in on my space, to see if Paul had review it or not. He had, but he needed the video of my performance before continuing with his review. So, I transferred my video to his email address.

aside from the essays, most of my work is finished for this year.

The first half of year two has been stressful, but rewarding. Hopefully, the second half will be even more rewarding.



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