I thought Paul would review my work today, but instead, I had to bring all of my work into my studio, and leave it for Paul to review alter this week.

I am a bit disappointed, but it did give me a chance to add to my mural. Since I’ve sued well-known comic book characters, I decided to paint my own characters. Some of them will be based off well-known comic book characters, but they will be of my own imagination. I still added paintings from well-known comic series as well, just to fill in some empty space.


In preparation for my review, I printed off stills from my performance film, since I didn’t take any pictures during filming.

Had another meeting with my group today, where we talked about our upcoming exhibition of Thursday. We were told to write about each artist we have looked at for tour two-part exhibition, and print out research sheets. I’ve already done research on Wendy Ewald, so I don’t have to do it.

I need to remember what Ewald does, and talk about her on Thursday.

I was also paid some of the money I am owed by Josephine and Joe, and Yusoo already paid for herself and Jemma, so now only Chloe and Bella have to pay.

At the end of the day, I went to a farewell party, to say goodbye to one of my tutors.


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