Critical theory and finishing studio practice work

I did it. I finally did it. After months of working and getting stressed, I finally finished my studio practice. Of course, I might need to go over it again, just in case, but for the most part, I have finished. I just need to organize all of my research and folders so I can hand them in on Monday.


Firstly, I had critical theory in the morning, as opposed to the afternoon. Tom talked about Anthropocene, which relates to humanity and our impact on the world.

Afterwords, I had a meeting with my group in Joe’s studio space downstairs, and we talked about our plans for our second exhibition next week. Our exhibition will take place Thursday, December 12, which is the same day we were supposed to go to London with Paul. However, given the urgency of our work, we have decided not to go to London.

Yusoo has created Instagram space for us to send all of our pictures from yesterday to, so more people can see our work. She also paid me back some of the money from the Polaroid delivery.

Before next week, I need to send an email to the church about what we intend to do on Thursday, as well as send my group a biography on Wendy Ewald.

I spent the rest of the day doing research in the library, printing off as much as I could before going back to my studio and fishing my work.

Not long now, soon I will be ready for Monday’s review.


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