Exhibition Part 1 and essay

Finally, after weeks of working, we finally held our first exhibition in Gostream Meadow park. First, we had to wait for Yusoo to meet us in the studio, since she had the pictures of the kitchens we needed to hang from our clothes rails. Once she came, the others hung the pictures onto the rails, while I took pictures.


Afterwards, we walked to Gostream meadow park, carrying the rails all the way. Had some slight difficult with one of the rail’s wheels falling off, but it wasn’t too much trouble.

Once we got to the park, we stood in the middle of the path, asking passersby if they would like to placed a sticker onto out kitchen images, and write a wish and tie it to our “tree”. The one of the aims of our exhibition was to record the reactions of various members of the community. Some happily took part in our event, while others were either not interested or were in a hurry. This shows the schism in the Farnham community, that not everyone is willing to take part in a social event of any kind.


The weather was freezing, but it was worth it. Now, with the first part of our exhibition finished, we just need to plan the second for next week.

As for the rest of the day, I continued to work on my essay for January. After some difficulty, I have decided to base my essay on the work of one of my latest influences, Edward Burra. I recently watched a documentary about Burra and his artwork, and it revealed all of his hardships and struggles in his life. It was amazing, and made me want to look up his artwork.

Since I have been thinking about him lately, I decided to do my essay on him, and write about his work, specific paintings and how he relates to my own work. I still got time to work on it.

I also made five more performance videos, hopefully the final ones since my deadline is coming up. Out of the five, I would say the third one if my favorite. I went all out during the third performance, even dropping to my knees near the end. I wanted to put more emotion into my final performance, and I think I succeeded.

I also worked on my painting in my studio, and after looking it over, I think I am almost done. Just one more.





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