Waiting for Polaroid and painting

Today, I had one last meeting with my group before our exhibition tomorrow. We talked about any last-minute changes we should make, as well as inviting some friends to come and see our work.

The rails finally arrived, and we had to out them together. It was tough, but too difficult. The Polaroid was supposed to come today, but it didn’t. Our second show with the Polaroid and sushi isn’t until next week, so there is still time for the Polaroid to come (hopefully I won’t have to buy another pair).

Joe finished out poster, and it looks great. I will post this on my Twitter and Facebook page.


I spent the rest oft he afternoon painting, but I got sidetracked for half an hour. I need to crack down and finish this mural, because I am running out of time. I did managed to add more paintings to my mural, but I am wondering if I have enough? I will see where I go tomorrow.


I also painted the word “Gluttony” on the top of my pizza box. I forgot to put the “n” after the “o”, but I corrected this soon afterwards.


Tomorrow, it is the day of my big exhibition, and I am greatly looking forward to it.

Note: Polaroid has arrived! Just waiting 4 confirmation email from UCA, and then I can go and pick it up.


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