Weekend work

Spent the weekend working on my studio practice, since the review is coming up.

I printed off more images for my photomontage, inserted all the pictures of my studio practice onto a word document, finished my research on gluttony, had a look through my folder to see if there are any research files I need to print out, and printed off my word document on my background music.

For my photomontage, I decided to continue the work over the weekend. I printed off more images, and I was hoping they could be used for my final photomontage, but then I thought about the first one I made in my studio, and decided to add to it instead of doing another one. It looked too good to be another practice piece, so I have decided that it will be my final outcome for my monsters work. I just need to add the images I printed off. I already started sticking some of them together, so I am off to a good start.

By the end of today, I hope to finish my food and monster studio work.



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