Finishing outcome and planning exhibition

It was a good day, since I have now finished one of my final outcomes.


I tried to stick the coffee cup cylinder onto my box, but it would stick. I’ll have to sort it out tomorrow. Despite that, I am really happy right now. I have finished my second outcome, and soon I will have finished the other three.

I am almost done with my monster montage, having now added several more photomontages to it.


Just a few more images, and it will be finished.

Had another meeting with my group, and suffice to say, it was stressful. Plans changed at the last-minute, and now, instead of a four-day exhibition, we have bundled two events into one day each. This week, it will be the Christmas tree and the stickers. It will be this Wednesday, 12.00 at gostream meadow play ground. The Polaroid didn’t arrive today, but I am hoping it will come by Thursday. Next Thursday, it will be our final show, combining the Wendy Ewald Polaroid, with the sushi. However, we have to go to London on Thursday, as well as attend a Christmas Party for fine art students. We may need to think about it.

My mural is coming along nicely, but I still need to fill a few more spaces.


I also tried to work on my essay, but right now, that is a mess.

I try again later.



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