Talking and exhibition

Another Thursday, which means more talking from Tom. Although, at least this week’s critical theory actually talked about art. We were asked to look at 3, different paintings from 3 artists (Cezanne, Banks Violette and John Currin), write down at-least 4 paragraphs about what I thought about each piece of work on a piece of A4 paper and exchange it with someone else’s sheet and write down counter points to their thoughts on the paintings. This ties into my upcoming artist essay, where I have to write about one artist, one specific work from them and how their art relates to mine.

Had another exhibition practice meeting today, and just when I thought we had everything covered, things change at the last-minute. Apparently, our leader contacted 3 artists and had them send her samples of their work, even though we agreed to do art based on 4 artists and display them instead. This was really frustrating, but during our second meeting, we seemed to have reached an agreement on what to do next.

We agreed to hold our final exhibition (the one with the Polaroid camera) at the united reform church on December 15th. All I need to do is confirm with the church, and buy marker pens for our first half of our exhibition next week.

I also continued my final outcome for y food artwork, including research on gluttony and sticking my food packaging in my pizza box. I also printed off some of my research to go with my studio work, all in preparation for my review in two weeks.

I did more work on my mural today, and I hope to finish it by next week. Hopefully.




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