Pizza collage and monster montage

With the help of Kate and Bex, I made 4 additional performance videos in one of the TV rooms in the university. We had to make sure everything was just right, from the lighting to my positioning and check if the music was loud enough. In the end, I was very successful with my performance filming today, thanks to the contributions of my team.

I still need to make a few small adjustments to my timing and movement, but I think I will be finished very soon.

Afterwards, I went to the library and wrote about the song that I used (Flawed Design by Stabilo) and why I chose it for the background music. I also started research into Universal Monsters and their impact on the horror genre.

During lunch, I bought an extra-large pizza, in order to use the box for my final outcome of my food collage work. At first, I thought the box was just another medium pizza box, but upon measuring it against the medium pizza box I bought last week, I soon realized that I the box was slightly larger than the medium one. So, I did have a large box after all.Once that was cleared up, I proceeded to stick various food packaging and wrappers into the box.



The plan is to present it as a normal pizza box, but once someone opens it, they will see loads of food packets inside, along with a set of licking lips.

I also produced my final practice montage for my final Universal monster montage, which will l=also include images of monster and killers from other horror films.


Did more painting on my mural.


This evening, I just bought two sets of coloured film Polaroids for our camera, which we will use for our exhibition next week.

Almost finished, just two more weeks.



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