Finding a church

First thing I did this morning was continue my painting, which is progressing more and more each day. Later on, I left the studio to find and choose a church for one of our four venues, with Kate by my side. The first church I went to was the St Baptist Church, which was the closest to the university. Unfortunately, they are busy all this week, and all next week, specifically in the mornings. In the afternoons, there will be no visitors to come to the church, and no one to interact with our exhibition of Wendy Ewald’s Polaroids.

I tried the United Reform church near the bypass in town, and I was more successful. After Kate and I explained why we needed the church, they agreed to be our venue for next week. It will be during late morning and early lunch, so there will be many people there.

Afterwards, I went back to the studio and continued my mural. The more sketches and paintings I add, the more the wall begins to fill up.

I haven’t really given an exact explanation for my mural, so I will give you a brief summary. Taking inspiration from the wall paintings of Marcel Dzama and Raymond Pettibon, I have covered the section of my wall with paintings of various comic book characters. They range from a variety of imprints and publishers, from marvel and DC, to image and Dark Horse. I will also add characters from Underground comics as well, and perhaps even web comics. I am also taking some inspiration from Robert Lichtenstein, and how he recreated comic book panels on a printing screen.


Tomorrow, I will (hopefully) finish my performance film, and start building towards my final outcome for my food based assemblage.





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