4 Day Show and Painting Black In Studio

Started the morning off with ANOTHER talk from Paul (hooray). Paul talked about all of our studio work, and how we need to start wrapping it up very soon. He gave us each a check list of all the things we should have done, or still need to do for our studio practice. In addition to my essay, it became very stressful.

After an hour and half of talking, I had to endure ANOTHER hour and half of talking from my curate group. We have nearly finalized our contemporary exhibition, which will last for 4 days. I paid the £4.30, we chose 4 artists to mimic, and we chose 4 dates and four locations for our exhibition.

Starting next week on Monday, the first half of the exhibition will be held during a church choir in the evening, and the artist whose work is being mimic is Yoko Ono and her wish piece (a wishing tree, where members of the audience will write what they want on the leaves). On Wednesday, we will be at a Nursery School, using the work of Yayoi Kusama (colored stickers). On Thursday, the third part of our exhibition will represent the work of Rirkrit Tiravanji, by making sushi and offering it to members of the audience outside a pub. Our fourth and final part will be on Monday 12th, where we will mimic the work of my chosen artist, Wendy Ewald and use Polaroids for the exhibition. I need to look up what kind of Polaroids we need, and find out how expensive they are. I also need to contact at least two churches and ask them if we can display our rails outside their doors.

I am so glad we are finishing this, because I hate to go into curate work after I finish University. I much rather work in the studio of one of my favorite artists, like Frank Auerbach or Hockney.

I spent the rest of the afternoon painting my mural, which is looking better and better. One thing I have noticed, is the I have been painting with black acrylic each and every week.

Another week, another day of talking.



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