Reaching my goal

I have almost finished my comic mural. I have characters from marvel, DC and various Indie and mature imprints. Now, I plan to add alternative and Underground comics to it as well.

I also made great progressed with my Universal horror photo-montage, with the hope of making a big photo-montage as my final outcome.

First, I made a montage using body parts of modern-day horror actors (Robert Englund’s eyes, Tony Todd’s nose, Gunner Hansen’s Mouth and beard, Jamie Lee Curtis’s ears and Anthony Hopkins’s hair-line). I made two more montages, this time using body parts from the universal monster pictures that Kate collected for me.


I also continued to work on my anime mural, though the more I look at it, I think it could also work as another comic book mural. I will see where it goes next week, assuming am not called away for another lecture or group discussion.


I even made a start on the final stages of my curate project. I had to find an artist, and imitate their style of art, and make it into an interactive event for others to participate in. This is part of our moving trolley exhibition. The artist I chose is Wendy Ewald, a photographer who takes pictures of families and communities, and encourages the subjects to write down their thoughts and opinions onto the black and white negatives. This is what I want to do for the project, and I’ve already made a start, by taking pictures of Joe and a girl from my art group.

Here is the plan for next week:

1. Finish Performance video

2. Complete mural on walls

3. Buy  large Pizza box and stick loads of food packaging and wrappings in the middle

4. Produce a final photomontage, combing the pieces from modern and classic monsters, such as Freddy, Dracula, Leatherface, Wolf-man and Jason.




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