The title is very fitting, since that is what everyone has done today, and throughout the entire course. Talk.

First, Tom talked to use about our upcoming essays (one about a question that relates to a topic of interest for each of us, and another on a specific artists or genre that connects to our studio practice). I briefly mentioned how some of my studio work is connected to films, and I asked for any artists whose work revolves around film. A few were mentioned, and I might research one of them soon.

Had another meeting about our exhibition, and we FINALLY came to a decision. Our exhibition will be a moving one, where we will display artwork from various community artists and hang them from a trolley on a clothes rail, which one of us will push around. Each of us has to find one artist and mimic their style, then blow up the image and hang it onto the trolley.

Later, Tom talked to us again, this time about from narratives. This got me thinking about Kubrick and his films, specifically one that I haven’t seen yet: Dr Strangelove.

I did do some painting today.but didn’t exactly finish it.


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