Venue and painting

Started work on my newest interest for my studio work: Universal Monsters. Paul suggested I do paintings on the monsters, so I spent half the morning making sketches of 3 Universal monsters (phantom, Dracula and the Mummy) in my sketchbook.

I like the monsters, but the more I did the drawings, the more I feel like they just weren’t right. I want to try to make them similar to my horror paintings, but I would need to find something that relates to each monster (neck bolts of Frankenstein’s monster, the mask of the phantom, and the piercing eyes of Dracula).

Afterwards, I started to paint my anime mural on my other wall, but because of the size of it, it will take some time.

During lunch, I had another meeting with my group, and so far, we haven’t gotten very far with our search for venues or artists. I was tasked we finding more artists, but at this pint, it is doubtful they will respond.

After our meeting, we had to meet with Paul for a group tutorial, and talk about out proposal and its current state of development. He suggested we look at alternative forms of exhibitions, so after our tutorial, we discussed two possible ways of putting on our show:

Form a protest march in the streets of London, which is a great way to show community in a large group or make an online exhibition, where we ask artists to submit their work to our online website, where we will display them for the world to see.

It either one of those two options, or we one of us has to think of something else by Thursday (Note: I am really getting sick of this project now).

Later, I went to the library, and collected images for my gluttony collage.


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