I don’t have that much work to do, yet it feels like I have no idea where to start. First, I wrote in my reflective journal, which is always a chore. Afterwards, I wrote in my kitchen diary, and tries to transfer my sloth videos onto my memory sticks, but In don’t have enough space on either of them. I got so frustrated, I left the library and went into my room to cool off. Eventually, I left my room, and went to the studio. I continued to paint my mural, which is getting closer to completion, though art this rate, I might not finish until next year.

At the very least, I made a start on my other interest for my studio work: anime. Initially, I chose anime as one of my interests, but as I progressed with my work, I replaced it with greed. However, I soon realized that I didn’t care about Trump or what he plans to do in America, or money in general. I care more about anime, so I chose to paint an anime mural on one of my walls. I wanted to continue, but I left it so late, it was already dark. I will make up for the lack of work today by doing primary research over the weekend. I will also read my critical theory sheets (as much as I don’t want to).

I want to do something that makes me happy, and painting makes me joy. Right now my current interests are: performance video (still in progress) sins (completed, comics (still in progress), favorite food (still in progress, so finish by next week) and anime (just started today).



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