Today, I have begun work on my latest interest: Gluttony. I plan on making a collage on the vice of gluttony, using images and pictures of my favorite food: curry, pizza and burgers.

I printed out all of these images, and stuck them inside an outline I made with my mask. However, I forgot to take pictures of it, so I will take them tomorrow.

I also started development of my performance film. I sat in two different areas of the university (first in the canteen, and then on a bench next to the path), acting very lazy and not doing anything, while Kate filmed me. I=The reason for this is because I am referencing the vice of sloth, which means being inactive and doing nothing. I looked at the footage, and I looked bored and uninterested. I know that is the point, but I like things to be more active. Still, it ties into my studio work, so I will continue to work on it.

I also continued to work on my essay for critical theory. The theme of the essay is the Depiction of evil in media (film, TV, animation and more). I also did two more paintings for my comic mural.

I have taken the camera with, and plan on filming myself in my room. Hopefully, I will get a good video.20161116_113253

Lastly, I added more eyes to my envy painting.

That is all.


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