Artist lecture and performance film

Today, I finally got the chance to make my own performance film. First, I went to the library, and sent my group proposal to five artists. The artists I contacted were: Zhang Huan, Haas & Hahn, Maser, Allen Ruppersberg and Roberto Bernardi. I have already done research on all of these artists, and anyone of them would be perfect for our show. Hopefully, one of them will reply to us soon.

Afterwards, Kate and I went to the equipment hire department, and took out a Nikon 5300 16 camera to use for my performance film.

Once we got to the studio, we began filming. Kate filmed me while I was painting in my sketchbook, and wearing my mask. The idea of this performance film stems from a similar film from Jackson Pollock, where someone filmed the artist painting.

I saw some of the footage, and it looked very good. I will continue to film myself in the studio, and outside, so we don’t stay in one location for too long.

I continued to paint afterwards, but the paintings I made didn’t look good enough.

After lunch, I went to the library and printed out a picture of Donald Trump and an image of a pile of money. I was going to expand on my greed of Disney work, but I chose to work on another greed-related project, which expands on my recent deadly sins painting. Based on the feedback I got from my painting, I am going to expand on the meaning and purpose of each sin through my artwork, starting with Greed. Trump represents American greed at its worst. And now that he is president (for now), he aims to “make America great again”, which is bad news for everyone.

My plan is to do a series of collage portraits, with a well-known millionaire or wealthy person, and stick them together with an image of money.


I plan on doing a big collage as my final outcome, as this relates to one of my interests: money. I am often obsessed with money, sometimes too obsessed and I thought about making my obsession into art. And thanks to all of my studio work, I have a chance to explore it and see where it goes.

I will continue to work on this, as well as my performance video tomorrow.

I had another artist lecture in the big theater, but before I went, I did one more painting in my sketchbook. This one is based on Envy, with multiple green eyes.


The talk was very good, but the artist was very quiet was she spoke, so I had to record her talk with my Vodafone. I will turn up the volume, and take notes.

My work is progressing very well, so I don’t need to worry about anything.




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