Finding a venue

Did some studio work today, but the main thing I had to do was wait in the canteen for my group for another meeting. We talk about the venue of our show. I showed everyone all of my artist research, and they were impressed. I still want to focus on my studio work, but I must continue this curate project. After much discussion, we decided to start planning our show, by first finding a venue and artists, and ask them to who will donate some of their artwork to us.

That is are plan for Thursday: send an email with out proposal to several artists and ask them to give us one piece of artwork for out show. We also must find a venue for our show, and ask permission from the owner to use it. As for the title, we have chosen “com.unity”.

For the rest of the day, I did research on certain subjects that relates to my interests: Ushio Shinohara and his boxing paintings (relates to my on-off interest in boxing), the greed of Disney (Disney and how it is more focused on expanding its empire) and Kate Renee and her 7 sins paintings (expanding on my seven deadly sins paintings).

As for my studio work, I did two more paintings for my mural, but I find it more difficult to find anymore comic related images, that don’t belong to marvel or DC comics.


Tomorrow, I will start to develop my Greed of Disney work. This relates to my interest in Greed, since sometimes can be  a greedy person.



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