My A-Z

Inspired by a video made by Kate Maddel, a year 1 art student at UCA, I have compiled my own, personal A-Z, with words and images that relate to each letter.

Let’s begin:

A is for Action

B is for Bitch

C is for Con

D is for Dumb-ass

E is for Execution 

F is for Finger

G is for Greedy

H is for Hell

I is for Intense

J is for Just Shut Up

K is for Kind

L is for Lost

M is for Monster

N is for Nagging

O is for Overrated

P is for Punk

Q is for Questions

R is for Rut

S is for Sexy

T is for Time

U is for Unique

V is for Vexed

W is for Whoopin

X is for Xterminate

Y is for Yin and Yang

Z is for Zzz

That is my A-Z




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