Crtique talks

Today, I had my critique talks with Paul, where he talked about each piece of critique work by me and the rest of the group.

Before the actual critique, I had to stick five post-it note around my painting, and write five words that I think best describes it. The words I used to describe my work are as follows:






When it is my turn for critique, I will explain why I chose those words.

Paul critique the work of 10 students in the group:

20161109_105627Chloe: Sculpture and Photographs

20161109_110638Rowen: Figure Paintings

20161109_112005Danielle: Doodle Art

20161109_113727Wasim: Screen projector

20161109_165704Anika: Wood Drawing

20161109_115202Verity: Installation (broken mobile screens)

20161109_122441Judy: Virtual projection


Yusoo: Media Art

20161109_124316Rebecca: Abstract Video


Harley: Horror Video




Each piece of work was very good, displaying good use of materials, space, tone,  arrangements and themes. They were also connected to several relevant topics in the media right now, such as God, politics, virtual reality and femininity. I thought most of these themes were covered well, and greatly conveys the diversity of work from the other year 2 students

We didn’t have enough time to look at my work, but I suspect we will sometime next week.

Later in the afternoon, I met with Bex, my new student mentor, and we talked about other artists I could research for my curator project. We also talked about performance artists, and my plan to do a performance film as part of my studio work. She suggested I look up Yinka Shonibare and his performance video, Masked Ball. She also advised me to make my own masks, as it will save, me buying any more.

Tomorrow, I will help take everything down.



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