Critiques and reviews

I hate crits. It is never easy sharing your opinion on someone else’s work, and it is just as worrying when someone is reviewing your work, because you don’t know what they will say. However, this is an important part of my course, and I always finish something, regardless of how stressful it is.

For this year’s crit, I had to review three pieces of work from three-year 1 students:

20161108_111531Alexandra Dyason


20161108_134137Kate Maddel

20161108_133345Amanda Berridge

Out of the three, my favorite has to be Alexandra’s painting. It easily caught my attention, display a good use of colours (light and dark) and clearly explores alternative uses for photographs, specifically their colours.

Berridge’s drawing shows strong use of dark tones and textures, while Kate’s video is very relevant to the issues that women constantly have to put up with, even in 2016.

The main problem I had with all three pieces is that I didn’t know the context behind them at first, but once I understood what the artists where trying to achieve, it made reviewing them easier.

After I had reviewed them all, I had to form 3 groups and together, we had to discuss what we liked about each artwork, their flaws and strengths, and suggest what the artists can do to improve their work.

I read a review on my “7 Sins Pizza” by Douya Baker, and I really appreciate her feedback. Her review was constructive, pointing out my strengths, but also bringing up what I need to do improve (stronger outlines and make my idea slightly more clearer, so more people will understand) and expand the symbols and themes of the sins.

It was a decent crit though I am not looking forward to tomorrow’s year 2 critique.





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