Crit week: Preparation

It was the first day of the crit exhibition, and I had to help set up the exhibition and hang my work. The problem with setting up an exhibition, is that you don’t get to do much of anything. You just stand around, waiting for someone to give you a job, or you walk around the studios and ask if you can help.

With Kate’s help, I did manage to tidy up my own studio, as it will be used for someone’s exhibition


After I had a quick break, I went back to the studio, where I asked Kelly to help me setup my painting.


By drilling into the back of my canvas, Kelly is making a keyhole. She needed to make the whole just right, so it will be able to fit onto the screw and hang from the wall. After checking to see if the screw will fit, we tested the keyhole on a nearby wall. It was very difficult, but I managed to hang my painting onto the screw, and was soon able to hang it onto the wall in my chosen space.


With my painting now hung onto my wall, I had nothing left to do, except write a short description of my work. I went to the library, wrote the description on word, printed it out and gave it to Andrea in the studio.

Afterwards, I went back to my own studio space upstairs, and did some last-minute painting on my mural.


Tomorrow, it will be the critique. On ALL of the work, or at least most of it.


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