Finally, I’ve finished my final outcome for my deadly sins studio work. It was hard, and at times frustrating, but I kept going, until I finally completed my paintings.


Each symbol represents each of the sins: The domino’s pizza logo (gluttony), the breast (lust), pound sign (greed), the clock (sloth), the fist (wrath), the eye (envy) and the trophy (pride). I had to be very precise, and keep my hand as steady as possible. The fist was drawn with pencil and may be hard to see at first, but upon closer inspection, it is perfectly clear. I could have gone over it with black paint, but I chose to leave it as it is. I have used too much black paint in my work lately, and I want to use brighter colours for future paintings.

Once this was done, I continued to work on my mural. I want to paint as many comic book related imagery as possible and cover at least half the wall, similar to how Sammak cover a section of wall with his montage mural. So far, I am getting close.


I am trying to avoid using any popular, mainstream heroes for this mural, but it hasn’t been easy finding any character I really like. I am trying to include characters that I like, though most people probably haven’t even heard of half of them. I still have time, though I may have to put development on hold, due to the critic next week.

Before I left, I decided to do one more painting, my biggest painting of the week.


Taking the last wooden board in my studio, I painted the surface with dark purple, waited for it to dry a bit and then painted the seven deadly sins, out-of-order, in white acrylic. In the corner, I’ve written 7DS, which is short for “7 Deadly Sins”. Of course, I’ve written that out-of-order as well. It is like a puzzle, where the viewer has to put the words in the right order. However, envy is the only word that is in order, so I guess you can consider it an example of what to do. Also, envy is probably “Envious” of the way the other sins look, and wants to be all jumbled up just like them.

I am thinking about handing this in for critic next week, but I will show Kate and Paul, and they can decided which should go up.

Overall, it was a great day.




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