Working towards crit week and review

Crit week is fast approaching, and instead of working on my final outcomes, I was busy looking for my memory sticks. I found them eventually, but I must learn to remember where I put my things last in the future.

Anyway, I finished first final outcome for my sins work.


Each image represents one of the deadly sins: pound sign (greed), fist (wrath, penis (lust), clock (sloth), eye (envy, McDonald’s logo (gluttony) and Me, Myself and I (pride). I thought about writing the sins next to each symbol, but I decided to leave it. I don’t want to spell it out and make it obvious. Then, I had another idea. My next painting, as well as the final piece of artwork I will hand in for crit week, will be a satire on Domino’s pizza. Painting the Domino’s logo onto the second piece of wood, I started to paint the symbols of the sins onto the logo. It is a sin pizza delivery, now with extra wrath!


I wanted to continue, but I had to go to ANOTHER MEETING with Paul. Paul talked to us about our upcoming reviews (December 5th and 12th) and our assessment (May 8th). It is imperative that I finish my work before next week, and start collecting all of my images and pictures into a PDF file and give it in for review and assessment.

Once I got back to the studio after lunch, I took a break from my final outcome, and continued to work on my comic book mural, this time painting an image of Two-Face from Batman: The Animated Series.


(Sorry for the blurry picture, I will upload another one tomorrow).

Afterwards, I continued to work on my final sins paintings, adding lust and painting in greed and envy.


Wrath and Pride are next, and just to be sure I draw pride accurately, I drew my symbol for pride in my sketchbook for reference.


I am almost there.


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