Working towards crit week

Crit week is coming up, so I need to work fast and produce something good.

Inspired by the work of Marcel Dzama and Raymond Pettibon, I decided to paint more images and pictures of comic book symbols and characters around my painting of Grendel. Another influence is Borna Sammak, and his colourful assemblage portrait.


I have made a good start, but I’m having difficulty with the proportions of some of my drawings. I just can’t get them exactly right, and it is frustrating me.

I tried to make a canvas earlier in the morning, but I was told I had to pay. I forgot about this, and I wasn’t in the mood to pay to make something. So. I talked with Kelly, and she gave me two pieces of wooden board to use.

For the first one, I started to work on the final outcome of my deadly sins work.


Like my comic book painting, I am having trouble with proportions, such as the leg of a woman, which represents lust.

I will continue to work on them tomorrow, but I don’t have any hope that things will get any better, especially with all the extra work I keep getting.



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