London art galleries 2016

Today, I went to London with my art group, and visited several art galleries. Each one had a great selection of artwork, ranging from paintings and sculptures, to silkscreen and stencil prints. My favorite gallery was the Sotheby’s Fine art gallery, which was holding an exhibition of David Bowie’s art collection. David Bowie’s collection was vast, featuring art from several well-known artist, such as Damien Hirst, Frank Auerbach, Jean Michael Basquiat and John Bellamy.

It was a great experience, seeing all that art on display in one place. I took loads of pictures, but because I don’t have permission, I can’t upload them onto my blog. I recommend you visit some of these galleries yourself, if you want to see some truly great pieces of fine art. Here are the galleries I visited today:

Sadie Coles

Hauser and Wirth

Ed Ruscha

Michael Werner

Almine Rech

David Zwirner

Simon Lee

Exhibitions from each gallery:

David Bowie art collection (Sotheby’s)

Marcel Dzama & Raymond Pettibon: Let us compare Mythologies (David Zwirner)

Jeff Koons (Almine Rech Gallery)

Toby Ziegler: Post-Human Paradise (Simon Lee)

Ed Ruscha Extremes and in-between (Gagosian)

Borna Sammak (Sadie Coles)

Mikey Kelly Framed and Frame (Hauser and Wirth)

Despite the poor weather, it was a great day to see some fine art in London.





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