Reaching out for artists

This morning, I continued my work on the sins, drawing/painting 7 possible final outcomes in my sketchbook:








I current plan is to expand on these seven paintings/drawings and make them my final outcome for my seven deadly sins interest.

While thinking about pride, I decided to work on my Grendel painting from friday, this time painting the eye slits red, as well as two rose petals next to the mask.


I also started to draw primary research of my third interest: Samurai.


Before I left for lunch, I drew one more image in my sketchbook. An image of me, as iconic comic book character, Dream of the Endless, from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series.


After I had my lunch, I attend a meeting with Paul and he talked about my trip to London tomorrow. The plan is to meet at Waterloo, and walk to one of the art galleries we will be visiting for the day. I will also go to at least 3 more art galleries on my own, where I will find a specific artist and write notes on his work. This will prepare me for the upcoming critical review, which is coming up very soon.

After the meeting, I had ANOTHEr meeting with my group. So far, our venue is a church (we haven’t decided which church), and now we need to start planning our pitch for our exhibition. When writing the pitch, we need to look at examples of advertisements that invite artists to participate in exhibitions, , look up artists whose artwork relates to communities and try to invite them to come and exhibit their work for our show.

AFter the meeting, I did research on one artist, Maser, as well as looked at examples of pitches to artists on curator space. I even sent an email to a pair of Dutch artists. whose work I recently looked at over the weekend.

I went back to the studio and tried to continue my drawings, but I only managed to do one more, and it relates to Lust.


Tomorrow, I will be off to London again.




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