Weekend work-Sins

It was open day today, and the studio was open. I decided to go in and do some work. before that, I went to the library and printed out my images of the seven deadly sins. I plan to make a start on my second interest, which is the sins. I will produce seven, completed pieces of artwork that relates to each of the sins (lust, gluttony, envy, wrath, pride, greed and sloth). I also continued my research of Bosch, and will hopefully print it out soon. When I got to the studio,I made practice paintings in my sketchbook of a possible painting for my new series.


After looking them over, I decided to make a collage as another practice piece.

To do this, I went back to the library and printed out imagery that relates to each sin. This will be one of seven outcome for my new studio practice. For this new practice, I will be using collage, painting, photomontage, photography and possibly performance.

For my practice collage, I used images of money, billionaires and prime ministers.


Not as good as I had hoped, but I am in the right direction.

I will need to think about this more.


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