Coming close

I think I am finished with superheroes. I tried to think of ways to reference super villains from comics, similar to my movie villains, but I just can’t find the right imagery, or character I can work with. At best, all I’ve done is drawings and paintings, and they are too standard. ALthough, I did paint two, large-scale paintings on the walls of my studio space.

The symbol for V is god, but my Grendel painting is too direct, though I doubt most people will recognise the character anyway.

I did try to emulate the style of Roy Lichtenstein, with this drawing of the Green Goblin:


Afterwards, Bex drove me around Farnham, and showed me the path to the local boxing centre. It is very far away, and I really don’t want to make a journey out of it. But, I might change my mind tomorrow.

When I went back, I had an idea. I decided to do 3 collages, similar to the style of John Stezaker. I collected images and pictures of Marvel movie characters, and images that I feel relates to them best.

The Iron man one is the best, because it is a perfect reference to the comic book character’s history with alcohol, as well the actor’s own history with drinks and drugs.

The others ones aren’t clear enough, in my opinion. The picture of a crying child is taped over a picture of Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, and is a reference to his anger as the Hulk., Basically, the hulk is a child throwing a tantrum. The other image is supposed to reference the depression and misery of Daredevil, but the picture over it cover too much of the hero, so most people won’t recognise him. I may continue this idea at a later date.


My final artwork for the day. I honestly want to move on from this interest, and go to my second: Performance art. Over the weekend, I will watch Performance videos from the Tate and Saatchi, and this will give me a clear idea on how to do my own performance video.

As for my final comic book painting, I will take a page out of Lichtenstein’s book, draw a comic book panel, but add something different in the word balloon.

As for my curator work, our leader wants us to research curators and their roles, as well as look over the notes from Andrea regarding conceptualization.. She also wants us to think of a title for our project.


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