Roles in curating and theory lecture

Today was better than yesterday. First, I went into the studio and did a few more paintings, this time on two of my plates and one in my sketchbook.

The important aspect of the day was my meeting with my curator group. We talked about our roles in the group, and I chose to do research on artists and possible venues. As of today, we are still thinking about a possible location (still between abandon area and a church, though I think we are leaning towards the former) and we have settled on a possible theme: community and time. So now I just need to do research on artwork that relates to communities and the passage of time.

After our meeting, we went to our theory lecture with Thomas. We each discussed out questions for our upcoming essays, and some people liked one of my questions on female representation in the media.

As for the lecture, Thomas talked about an artist’s studio and how they view. For Daniel Buren, art should not be confined to a single space, and should branch out into the outside world, whereas Mark Rothko believes that art can only be achieved when inside a studio, as you can control the final outcome. Claes Oldenburg believes that a studio is a “store”.

He talked about various artists and how they view their studios. SOme see them as extensions of their artwork, while others see them as hindrance. It got me thinking about my own space, and what it means to me. In the next few weeks, I will try experimenting with my space and see what the results are.

We also saw a video from Letters Live, where famous movie stars read letters from one artist to another.

It was a great reading, and it had a perfect message for struggling artists. Just do what you want to do,a nd to hell with the consequences! I must take this to heart, as I have been too hesitant in the past with my art.

It has been a good day.


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