I didn’t do any studio work today, and I wish I did. At least in the studio, I be having fun and being active. Instead, I mostly worked on my ideas for themes for my kitchen project and ideas for theory tomorrow.

Among the ideas I have for the possible theme for our space are the following:

Sleeping animals, leaves, buildings structures and portraits of the artist’s family and friends. Other ideas include art related to the bible, and art that relates to food.

I will share these ideas with my group tomorrow.

As for my critical theory idea, I had a discussion with Bex, my new mentor, and we went through my current ideas. They are based on diversity, gender, superheroes, Japan, Death, Fine art, duality and evil. I liked my duality idea, but after talking it over with bex, I don’t know if it can be stretched to 3000 words (I hate theory). Bex suggested I write about something I am truly passionate about, and at first, I wanted to go with diversity in media, since it has become a hot topic in pop culture recently.

I tried to work on it, but realised that it just wasn’t for me. I didn’t feel like it tied into my current work at all. Very late this evening, I realised what my idea was going to be: the depiction of evil in media. Most of my art has been tied to villains from movies and comics, so I feel I can write a 3000 word essay on evil and how it is depicted in art and media.

I will also try to think of new ideas for my kitchen project.

The only other thing that happened today was that I got a new laptop. Other than that, it was a quiet day.


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