Role of the curator

For today’s meeting, Andrea talk to us about the role of a curator and how our current project have an effect on our course. The curator must organise an entire art exhibition, with help from his team. They must locate a venue, look for artists who will display their work at the venue, sort out price and other expenses, negotiate with galleries they wish to use, devise the theme and set a time-table as to how long their exhibition will last. This is what we are currently doing, and we are only just getting started.

For the second half of the morning, Andrea broke us up into teams and had us discuss our projects, and pick one piece of work from one of us to display in our own little exhibition. We talked about the venue, the artwork, the artist and space.

It wa a decent practice, before the real thing.

During lunch, I met with my team and we discussed what to do next. Eventually, we decided on two possible locations: a church and an abandoned building site. This week, we hope to visit one of these venues and see if they are suitable for our exhibition. We also talked about the theme of our show, and I suggested taxidermy. However, after talking about more thoroughly, we opted for a slightly different idea, since taxidermy and church  may not mix. Our current theme is sleeping animals. I need to think about the meaning behind the theme, how it relates to our venue and why we chose I chose it at all.

AFter lunch, I collected images of sleeping animals, though I might expand and include people sleeping with animals as well.

I went back to the studio and continued to work on my paintings, which I am now getting sick of. I just can’t think of the one painting I want to make, though I did do another possible final outcome in my sketchbook.

20161025_154435This painting references the green goblin, one of Spider-man’s worst foes.

It looks good, but I don’t think I’ll use it. I need to think of something soon, because my next crit is November 7th.


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