Movements and canvas

Next week, we will be going to london and visit either the Tate or the Saatchi. Until then, we have more work to do.

First, Paul had us meet in R4 and told us to look into 5 art movements from the 60s and research their relevance and impact. The movements are Fluxus, Minimal art, Body art, Performance and Media/Conceptual art. This is crucial to our curating work and working on the spaces in our exhibitions. My group was assigned to minimal art, so we went to the library to do some research. I collected images that relates to minimal art and printed them out.

I met with the others, and they loved my choice of pictures.

As soon as we came back the library, one of us had to go up and present our research to the rest of the group. We went second, and paul was very impressed with the work we had collected.

Paul also talk about an art group from Japan, called Gutai. Founded by Jiro Yoshihara and Sho Shimamoto, the group was formed in post war Japan in 1954, with the aim of producing art that pushed past the confines of painting and focused solely on materiality. He suggested we look them up.

I was supposed to meet my group and talk about our kitchen space, but I didn’t see them in the canteen. Looks like we will have to meet tomorrow and talk about it.

After lunch, I went back to the studio and continued painting. I thought about buying another canvas, but Paul suggested I make one with Kelly. I went to Kelly and asked if she could help me. She said yes, but she was busy today, and for most of the week, though she said she be free on Thursday morning. Before then, I need to get the measurements of my canvas and show them to Kelly.


I am not looking forward to the rest of this week, really, am not.


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