Theory, curating and painting.

Today, I was very busy. First, I finished my Red Lantern painting, and made a new painting in my sketchbook.

I wanted to do more painting, but i had to attend a meeting with my curating group. We met in the canteen and discussed the project, our jobs and the space where we will be curating. For the project, we need to find a kitchen and I suggested one in a church. AFter the meeting, I went to the  Farnham Baptist church and tried to arrange for us to curate their, but most of their main kitchen would be in use all week, and the one kitchen we could use was very small. Also, the vicar wanted to know how long our curating would take, and I didn’t know. I need to discuss this with the others next week.

AFter lunch, I went to my year 2 critical theory. For this year’s critical theory, I need to produce my own manifesto. I need to think a question that relates to my artwork, and it’s definition. I have until next Thursday.

I spent the rest of the day painting and drawing in my studio.

Tomorrow, I will try to paint a larger version of one of my sketches on a canvas. If it’s not good enough, I just keep working until I reach my final outcome.


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