Comics and artist talk

With loads of work on my plate, I decided to dive right into one of my interests and start producing some practice paintings and sketches in my sketchbook. The plan is to do as many practice paintings as possible, and then pick the best one and expand into a large-scale painting.

First, printed out my wrestling and comic book images in the library and brought them back to my studio. At first, I wanted to do my wrestling images first and I was doing well at first.


This is a sketch of a pit bull, with the face of Japanese wrestler, Tomohiro Ishii. The reason I did this is because Ishii is nicknamed “Stoned-faced Pit bull”, so I sketched his face onto the head of a Pitbull. Unfortunately, I didn’t turn out as I had hoped. I tried to make a photomontage with Ishii’s face and the picture of the pit bull, but it just didn’t look right.

I can still go back to wrestling if I want to, but for the rest of the day, I chose to do paintings and drawings of my comic book images and pictures.


They are good, but they lacked the sense of mystery and intrigue my horror paintings had. Fortunately, I managed to make three that fit in very well with my previous paintings:

The one on the right is a reference to the mask of V, from V for Vendetta, the one in the middle relates to Deadshot and the Suicide Squad and the one on the left references 2000 AD.

The are all good, but I think I might try to expand on the 2000 AD painting this week.

AT 4.00 today, I went to the lecture theatre and heard a lecture from British  artist, Gavin Turk. He talked about his artwork, what influenced his work, his exhibitions and gave us advice on what to do after we graduate UCA. He is holding an art exhibition in November, and I plan to go and see his art first hand.

Not bad day, but once again, I feel like I should do so much more.


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