Curating and painting

Today, paul talked to us about curating our work and the work of other. He assigned us another new brief, where we must set up a public exhibition space in a kitchen, and invite at least four artists to come and display their work in the space. To do this, we were all split into teams, where we must decide on a leader and what roles the other members will play. We have until January, so I still have time.

For the rest of the day, I continued to work on my 5 interests project, by collecting images of my favourite things. I plan to print them off and paint from them, as soon as I have enough imagery. The interests I did today were wrestling, comics and the seven deadly sins.

I also did more paintings in my studio space, which is more fun and relaxing than scrolling the internet looking for images and pictures.

So, now I have two briefs to finish by December and January. How wonderful.


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