5 Interests

Today, Paul gave us our final brief project, focusing on our five interests.

For this brief, we needed to look up at least 5 text articles that relates to our interests and develop them into five, complete pieces of work. This brief ties back into our work for the critique show, and how identifying key references that will help us to further develop our artwork.

I looked up 5 articles that relates to my following interests: anime, comics, films, performance art and the Seven Deadly Sins. I will decided which of these five to pick, and develop into a final piece sometime this week.

After lunch, Paul called us back to talk about our chosen interests, then took us to the linear gallery to talk about our critique work. It was very long, but Paul had some very nice and interesting thoughts about our work, the influences behind them, and how we can further develop them.

Here are pictures of the other students artwork for crit:





The others artwork is very good, and exemplifies the kind of work that one will see from year 2 students at UCA. I was one of the last people to be critique, and Paul talked about how my work is tied into my interests,in this case, films. When I mention my passion for wrestling, Paul liked the idea of art based around famous wrestlers. He wants me to produce artwork featuring my favourite wrestlers, and as soon as I get home, I will collect images of some of my favorites. The idea of making artwork that focuses on Pro wrestling is a novel idea, and reminds of the wrestler paintings by Peter Blake.

I still have at least five or four more interests left to be developed, and I must be finished by December.


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