Painting all day

With my horror paintings on display in the linear gallery, I didn’t have anything else to do yesterday, other than continue to painting in the studio. At first, I consider doing another painting on canvas, but chose to save my money. Instead, I spent the rest of the day painting, mainly in my sketchbook. I also finished colouring a drawing of Two-Face, one of my favourite Batman villains.



The paintings above are based on characters from 3 animated tv shows that I have watched this year (Steven Universe, Wander over Yonder and Gravity Falls). Steven Universe is my absolute favourite right now.

While waiting for the paint to dry, I decided to do something with the mask I bought on Monday. Looking at my painting of the jigsaw puppet, I thought it be a great idea to paint my mask in a similar fashion. And in the end, it turned out very well.


For the remainder of the day, I just painted in my sketchbook and onto some of my paper plates.


The painting of the penis gave me another idea for a new series. With the remaining plates that I have, I plan to paint penises of different shapes and sizes, and in different colours.This will be similar to the screen prints of Andy Warhol.

I will also try to continue my horror paintings as well.


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