Finishing painting for exhibition

Today, I finally finished my Friday the 13th painting.


I thought about painting the machete, but saw that it looked better white (at least for the blade). The blend of colours is handled very well, solid mixture of light and dark. I had to paint over the black holes because painting around them was tricky, but once the paint had dried a bit, I went over the holes again with black acrylic.

Once it was done, I didn’t have much to do, aside from more sketchbook paintings.

Kate suggested I do research into horror, since it is a key element in my artwork. I agreed, and asked her to print off anything to do with horror, which she did near the end of the day. What she printed out was an article on the recent clown crisis that has hit the UK in recent months, where people dress up as clown and go around scaring people, including little children. This is very disturbing news, and I hope it will end after Halloween, or even before. Another article she printed out was about horror in its many different forms and portrayals, including references to Freddy Kruger.

My work has progressed greatly during these last 3 weeks, and tomorrow, I get to chose my best painting to hang in the upcoming exhibition.


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