Mistakes and paintings

I continued my horror themed paintings today, first by finishing my ghostface painting.

Prior to finishing my painting, I went to the library and printed out imagery for me to paint onto the canvases.


Afterwards, I started to work on my second paintings, inspired by Jason from Friday the 13th. However, I painted the red arrows on the sides of the masks in the wrong positions. I am a perfectionist, and whenever I do an observational I try to recreate the image am drawing/painting as accurately as possible. So, whenever I make the slightest mistake, I get really frustrated. However, by making mistakes, I can learn from them. I always forget that perfect artwork doesn’t always come the first time round, and you have to keep going, until you get it right.

I painted over the arrows with white paint, and while it dried, I did some additional painting in my sketchbook.

Before I return to my Friday painting, I decided to do an example of it inside my sketchbook, using colouring pencils instead of acrylics.


Once I had a basic idea as to what my painting will look like, I continued where I left off, and I felt much better doing it. I was more focused, and really started to enjoy myself. Made a slight mistakes with the holes, but I covered them with white paint and left them to dry.

While waiting, I made another painting in my sketchbook.


Once dried, I continued and got very tired near the end.


Tomorrow, I will finish my painting.


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