Today, I started work on my final brief. Basically, I had to look over my work and sum it up in one sentence. For me, my work revolves around “guessing”.

The aim of my work is to produce paintings that reference movie villains, from their weapons to specific articles of clothing. I try not to be too specific or too vague, only enough so the audience (most of them) can guess what movie I am referencing with my paintings.

Before I continued my paintings, I went to pullingers and bought mask. I had hoped to make another collage horror mask like my last one, but after looking for images, I realised that collage is very frustrating. Looking for images and printing them off is very tiring, so I chose to focus on my paintings instead.

I had an idea for one painting, one that relates to one of my favourite Batman villains, The Riddler.


I would have finished, but I had another critique to go to. However, it ran late (as usual), so I had to wait until 2.00 for the first group to finish.

When I presented my work, everyone was impressed, particularly Paul. He loved my references to Nightmare on elm street, especially because it wasn’t immediately obvious.

He strongly urged me to put it up for the upcoming year 2 gallery exhibition,which needs to be installed this week.

In the meantime, Paul wanted me to continue my horror paintings, which I am more than happy to do.

First, I went back to pullingers and bought two canvases (and a tube of dark purple acrylic paint) and went back to my studio space.

I immediately began to work on my latest horror painting, this time referencing Wes Craven’s Scream films.

I painted the canvas white, waited for it to dry and then painted the eyes of ghostface onto the canvas.


The white paint was still wet when I put the black on, but it will be dried by tomorrow.

Overall, my work is progressing more and more, and it will go even further tomorrow.


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