Finishing my paintings

Today, I finally finished my paintings for my brief.

First, I finished my clockwork paintings, adding a penis that references the break-in scene from the film.


The title for this painting is another reference to the film: “Ultra-Violence”.

This turned out really well, and unlike my stencils, most people will know what it is immediately.

For my next paintings, I chose to reference a famous horror icon: Freddy Kruger.

First, I bought a tube of dark green acrylic from pullingers, and painted the second canvas with it, and one of my red acrylics.

These colours reference Freddy’s green and red jumper from the films.

I also drew an image of Kruger’s famous hat, right near the top of the canvas.


I was going to leave it like this, but I thought about it more and more, and decided to add one more little nod to Freddy: his classic claws.


It looks like Freddy is actually coming out of the painting, but I am wide awake (thank goodness).

This day ended very well for me, and I can’t wait to show my paintings to Paul next week.



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