I finished my final two stencil paintings for my critique today.


Before my critique, I hung all of my stencils and my horror mask on the wall in my space.


My movie villain stencils, from left to right: Annie from Misery, Anton from No country, Alex from Clockwork, Jane from Baby Jane and Harry from In Bruges.

My group was running late, so I had to wait for them. Eventually, my critique did start but it ran late into lunch time. Since everyone was getting hungry, we agreed to break for late lunch and come back later to finish.

When we came back, I was the last one to get a critique. Everyone loved my stencils, but they didn’t recognise most of the villains, except for Alex from clockwork. Thomas, my crit tutor, suggested I consider the meaning behind my stencils, especially the clockwork one. Is it meant to symbolise something, or is it just a reference to the character? He went on to suggest I further explore the image of Alex, as well as other iconic pictures of movie villains and how I can translate them into a painting, stencil or any other piece of art.

So, that will be my plan for the rest of this project: making stencil paintings of movie villains. I will also include visual nods to them (like objects that relate to the character, like clothing or their weapons), so the audience will identify them much easier.

I decided to expand on my Alex stencil, this time with a visual motif. First, I went to pullingers and bought two canvases (the second one is in case something goes wrong with the first) and took them back to the studio.

Using my Alex stencil, I painted his bowler hat and eyelashes onto the canvas, and painted the background completely red.


I plan on drawing a penis in the middle of the canvas tomorrow. The penis is a visual reference to the break-in fight scene from Clockwork, and the red symbolizes the “Ultra-violence” in the film.

If it turns out well, I will continue to do more in the future.


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